Calcium Formate

Widely used in construction industry and feed additives

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Calcium formate (%)≥  98
Total content of Calcium (%)≥30
Content of water (%)≤0.5
PH (10% Soluted Water)6.0-7.5
Heavy Metals % ≤0.002
Arsenic % ≤0.002
Non-Soluble % ≤0.3
Dryed Lost Weight % ≤1

【Properties of calcium formate】:

   Ca(HCOO)2, molecular weight: 130.0, specific gravity: 2.023 (20°C deg.c), bulk density 900-1000g/kg, pH value is neutral, and decomposed at 400°C. Index content ≥98% Moisture ≤0.5% Calcium ≥30.4%. Calcium formate is white or slightly yellow powder or crystal, non-toxic, slightly bitter in taste, insoluble in alcohol, non-deliquescent, soluble in water, and the aqueous solution is neutral and non-toxic. The solubility of calcium formate does not change much with the increase of temperature. It is 16g/100g water at 0℃, 18.4g/100g water at 100℃, and it is heated and decomposed at 400℃.

Feed additives refer to the production and processing of feeds. Feed additives are used to strengthen the nutritional value of basic feeds, improve animal production performance, prevent animal diseases, strengthen the body, promote growth, and increase feed returns. As a new type of feed additive, calcium formate is added in small or trace amounts during use. Although the amount in the feed is small, it has a significant effect.

In fact, the feed calcium formate has relatively high-quality conditions. It is an acidifier calcium salt containing formic acid, which can free formic acid in the animal's body, lower the pH value in the stomach, and act as an acidifier.

On the other hand, its organic calcium content reaches more than 31%. The characteristics of organic calcium are: digestion, absorption, and utilization do not require the participation of gastric acid, reducing the amount of inorganic calcium in the feed. Therefore, in this sense, feed calcium formate can reduce the amount of acidulant and inorganic calcium, and is an acidulant that can replenish calcium.

With the development of the feed additive industry, there are increasing varieties of additives. Are these feed additives suitable for feeding animals? As a feed additive, calcium formate should also have three necessary conditions.

First of all, it must be safe, because all animal products will eventually enter the food chain. If feed additives are not safe, it will directly affect the safety of animal food and affect human health. This can be assured, because the manufacturer of calcium formate as a feed additive must have feed-level related production qualifications. For example, the raw materials of Huarui Animal Husbandry's calcium formate are produced using formic acid.

Secondly, it regulates the endocrine of the animal, makes the animal reach the growth state, and promotes the growth. This is the effect that the feed additive should have. The calcium content of calcium formate is as high as 31%. Not only can it replenish calcium for animals, but also a small amount of formic acid is released in the animal body. Compared with acidifiers such as citric acid, it will not deliquesce in the feed production process. Although the acidity of citric acid is not strong, it may still corrode various tools and equipment during long-term use, and preventive measures need to be further studied.

Secondly, strengthening animals, improving disease resistance, and reducing disease is an important way to solve the difficulties of breeding in the breeding industry. Adding 1.3% of feed calcium formate can improve the feed conversion rate by 7-8%, not to mention the decrease in feed consumption, but also the daily gain of 9-13%. Reduce the stress of weaning piglets, the effect is obvious

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